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Dissolution of a Marriage (Divorce):

1) Just what are the grounds for dissolution of marriage?

Each State differs, California was the very first state to apply the “no-fault divorce” concept. In a no-fault state, dissolution of marriage could be granted if the court sees there to be “Irreconcilable differences” that have created a permanent breakdown of the marriage.

For that reason it means that in case a married person wishes to end the marriage, he/she can do so, even if the other spouse disagrees.

2) What are the residency requirements to be able to obtain dissolution of marriage?

In order to be eligible for a Sacramento (dissolution of marriage), one of the spouses must have been a resident of the state for a continuous six month period as well as of the county for a continuous three month period prior to a filing of the Petition for dissolution.

3) Once the dissolution case is filed, how much time does it take to have the marital status terminated?

Marital status can’t be terminated until six months have passed since the service of the Summons and Petition was effected.

4) What’s the procedure for obtaining Divorce (dissolution of marriage)?

A typical dissolution of marriage requires the following steps:

  1. The Petition (Family Law) is filed and personally served on the Respondent.
  2. The Respondent then has thirty days to file a Response (Family Law).
  3. One of the parties in the dissolution will usually request temporary court orders by filing for an Order to Show Cause hearing. During this hearing, the judge will make temporary child custody, support and restraining orders.
  4. The parties then take part in Discovery. This is the process where parties of the dissolution exchange information and files that are relevant to the case.

One of the essential elements of discovery is the preparation of the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure. This is the court form where every party lists the community and separate property.

Together with this disclosure, the parties are also required to exchange latest Income and Expense Declarations. Other forms of discovery are interrogatories (written questions) and depositions (oral examination under penalty of perjury).

5. After the discovery is completed the parties and their lawyers (if they are represented) will talk about settlement of the case.

When the case is settled by agreement, one of the attorneys will make a Marital Settlement Agreement, that will contain all of the terms of the agreement. This is the contract that is signed by the spouses and their attorneys.

6. If the parties are unable to agree on all of the issues in the case, a trial will take place.

7. Once the parties sign the Marital Settlement Agreement or after the trial has concluded, one of the attorneys will make a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

It is a document that contains all of the court’s orders. The judgment is filed and the court mails a Notice of Entry of Judgment to each lawyer.
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The word divorce means dissolution or the legal conclusion of a marriage

Each state possesses its own specifications regulating when a divorce can be granted, which includes a residency requirement and grounds or a cause for the divorce.

There are both fault-based and also no-fault based grounds for divorce. These, too, change from state to state; though “irreconcilable differences” and “irretrievable breakdown” are typical no-fault grounds for divorce. The states also vary with regards to the division of the marital property, alimony, child custody and visitation, and child support.

If you are facing a divorce, make sure that you have seasoned counsel. A Sacramento divorce attorney is someone who specializes in family law issues and who helps people facing a divorce or legal separation protect their property and defend their rights and who knows such difficult issues as petitions, spousal support, and child custody agreements and will ensure that an already painful experience does not turn out to be a lot more demanding that it needs to be.

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